Naturum visitors’ centres are exhibition centres where you can learn about the area’s natural and cultural history. Naturum visitors’ centres are located throughout Sweden. There are two Naturum visitors’ centres in Vindelfjällen; in Hemavan and in Ammarnäs.



Naturum Vindelfjällen in Ammarnäs

Start your tour of Vindelfjällen with a visit to the Naturum Visitors’ Centre in Ammarnäs. There has been a Naturum Centre here since 1980. A new exhibition was opened in 2004. You can read all the texts in the exhibition in English.



How to get to the Naturum Visitor Centre

Ammarnäs is in Sorsele Municipality, in Lapland. Ammarnäs is a beautiful mountain village at the heart of the Vindelfjäll Mountains. Only one road leads to Ammarnäs. When you get to Ammarnäs, turn left after the highway bridge over the River Tjulå. The Naturum Centre is in the same building as the hotel.



Exhibition and information about the Vindelfjällen nature reserve.

Children activities, sales of maps, postcards etc.

The naturum exhibition is admission free


Guided tours  

Naturum offers guided tours in the exhibition. If you are interested in a guided tour in naturum please contact the naturum manager well in advance and during the opening hours. +46 (0)952-601 65



Programme committee

Vindelfjällen’s Naturum Centres have programme committee´s in Ammarnäs and Hemavan. The committee’s task is to support the administration of the Naturum Centres. The Committees consists of representatives from the County Administration, the Municipalitie of Sorsele and Storuman, private businesses, property owners and voluntary organisations.








Contact naturum

Tel: +46 (0)952-601 65, mobile: +46 (0)10-225 45 86 and Facebook (in Swedish)




 Welcome!  Admission free!





Fotograf: Bertil Brunnegård/Naturinformation Ramneverk


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naturum Vindelfjällen in Ammarnäs