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Wildlife in Vindelfjällen

In Vindelfjällen you can witness a gyrfalcon dive to attack an unaware willow grouse, or see the tracks of a wolverine wind their way up the mountain slopes. In the vast swathes of mountain birch forests or the ancient spruce forests you can spot birds such as golden eagles, whimbrel, bluethroats, Siberian tits and capercaillie.


Learn more about the importance of the mountain forests as a food resource, and investigate its exciting ecology. In Vindelfjällen you can experience both Nature’s smallness and its vastness. The tiny drop of melt-water from a glacier that splashes onto the petal of a glacier crowfoot eventually forms part of a roaring National River: the River Vindelälv.


Investigate the reindeer’s landscape, where the geology and climate provide the conditions for a very rich flora. In Vindelfjällen you can find rare species such as the orchid Gymnadenia runei, Lapland rosebay, pyramidal saxifrage, flame-coloured lousewort and the whitlowgrass Draba cacuminum.


Come and see Vindelfjällen’s diversity of mountain landscapes, ecosystems and species!

Dawn ower Norra Storfjället                                  

Photo: Mats Nilson