Nature conservation and management

Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve was established in 1974, extended in 1988 and is now Sweden’s largest nature reserve and one of Europe’s largest protected areas. Read on to find out about the Arctic fox project, outdoor pursuits and nature conservation work in Vindelfjällen.


Vindelfjällen’s wildlife and scenery are protected from exploitation and other encroachment. The purpose of the reserve is to conserve one of southern Lapland’s mountain regions in which almost all of the mountain habitat types are represented, and where reindeer husbandry is an integral part of the mountain ecosystem. It is intended to benefit reindeer husbandry, nature conservation and outdoor pursuits.




We work actively with nature conservation. Rangers, administrators and Naturum visitors’ centre staff provide visitors with information. Huts, windbreaks and trails facilitate visitors’ needs. Below is a list of the tasks we carry out in the reserve.


Management of Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve involves:


  • Inspection and monitoring
  • Information in Naturum visitors’ centres, in leaflets and on signs
  • Advising visitors
  • Maintaining state-owned huts, trails, bridges and certain Sámi establishments
  • Maintaining Vindelfjällen Research Station
  • Providing firewood for huts and shelters
  • Hunting/fishing licenses and inspection
  • Licenses for private building on state land
  • Census of large carnivores
  • Census of gyrfalcon and golden eagle
  • Census of small rodents
  • Water and snow sampling
  • Arctic fox project
  • Encouraging and contributing to studies and research in Vindelfjällen


Photo: Mats Nilson