Civilised wilderness!

Man arrived early to the area that we today call Vindelfjällen. The Atlantic coast was probably populated, and when virgin soil was uncovered by the retreating ice sheets and the climate allowed it, Man began to exploit the mountains. At Rasteklippan in Lake Tärnasjö, archaeologists have found arrowheads, refuse and a hearth that have been dated to 8000 years before present.


Vindelfjällen is Sámi cultural land and part of Sápmi. Sámi cultural history is an adaptation over the millennia to the Arctic natural history. There are three Sámi communities within the nature reserve: Gran, Ran and Ubmeje.


For perhaps 250 generations, people have left behind careful traces in the land around Vindelådalen, Lake Tjulträsk, Överst Juktan and Lake Tärnasjö. Let us continue to look after Vindelfjällen with care.


Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve prevents hydroelectric exploitation, mining and logging; it preserves cultural history.