How to get here

Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve lies in the municipalities of Sorsele and Storuman, in Västerbotten County. The nature reserve, with its at 560 000 hectares, is vast, so there are plenty of places from where you can begin your excursion. Ammarnäs and Hemavan are the most popular places for embarking on a tour of Vindelfjällen.


Air travel

Hemavan airport:  tel. 0954 – 305 30 
Storuman airport:  tel. 0951 – 154 40
Arvidsjaur airport:  tel. 0960 – 173 80


There are direct flights to Hemavan during the summer and winter seasons. The journey from Arlanda, Stockholm takes 1 hour and 25 minutes. You can also fly from Arlanda to Storuman or Arvidsjaur. The ongoing journey from Storuman or Arvidsjaur is by bus or taxi. Consult the airports’ homepages.



By train, you can reach Vännäs, and then take the connecting bus to Tärnaby/Hemavan or Ammarnäs. For information see the homepage for TÅGPLUS. If you book a Tågplus ticket you can travel all the way on one ticket. In summer you can also travel on the Inlandsbana railway.



There are several buses to the area each day. Bus services run on the following routes: Umeå-Ammarnäs, Umeå-Storuman, Östersund-Storuman, Stockholm-Hemavan, Arvidsjaur-Sorsele.


Timetable for Västerbotten  County: Buses run between Umeå-Vännäs-Hemavan and Umeå-Vännäs-Ammarnäs several times a day.
Tel. 020 – 910 019


Timetable for Norrbotten  County 
Tel. 020 – 470 047


Lapplandspilen:   A luxury coach between Stockholm-Hemavan.