Cabins with keys (4)

Rävfallsstugan, Vitnjul east, Mankeforsen and Dalavardo.


Other cabins: Vindelkroken och Vitnjul west are open!


New guests shall be welcomed in the cabin until all beds are filled. In case of emergency no guest shall be left outside the cabin. New guests are also able to use the safety room although not booked. This to maintain mountain security.


Guests shall clean the cabin after use. In cleaning, taking in firewood and preparing wood for making up a fire, is also included. Is not allowed to leave garbage in the nature, beside the trail or in the cabins. The things that you bring with you, you also can carry back home.  


Maintainance: Destination Ammarnäs. Ordförande: Ulf Johansson,

Telefon: 070-6408763

Owner: Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten. Contact: Johan Lindberg, Telefon: +4610-225 44 49


Firsthandly contact: Destination Ammarnäs if you have questions.


Paying and key 

Each person, company or guide shall pay for the planned overnight stay. The fee is 100 kronor/guest/night . At Rävfallsstugan the fee is 150 kronor/guest/night. If you wander the whole trail and stay one night at each cabin the cost is 450 kronor/guest.

The hiker pays at the key keeper and gets the key. After use the key is to be immediately sent by post to the key keeper.


Key keepers


Please contact the key keeper well in advance to be sure they are available at your arrival.

Adolfström Handelsbod: (Marianne Torvfe), Adolfström 168, 938 93 LAISVALL, Telefon: +46961-23041, E-post:


Krokstrand Kafé og overnattning: Krokstrand Kafe og Overnatting Rakvaag (Tove Raakvag), Saltfjellveien 1573,8630 STORFORSHEI, Telefon: +47 75 166002, E-post:


Hemavan Fjällstation: (Mojo Andersson), Fjällstigen 2, 920 66 HEMAVAN, Telefon +46954 – 300 27, Mobil +4676 – 83 300 27, E-Post:


Naturum Vindelfjällen – Hemavan: (Andreas Karlsson), Telefon: +46954-380 23, Mobil +4670-393 80 23 E-post:


Naturum Vindelfjällen – Ammarnäs:  Telefon: +46952-601 65, E-post:


Ammarnäs livs: (Sanna, Monika, Marcus och Patrik), Telefon: +46 (0)952-600 07, E-post: 


All the open cabins in Vindelfjällen also have a cost of  100 kronor/guest/night and are payed by the guest to:

bg (bankgiro): 5050-8720

IBAN: SE1200 0000 0128 1010 8390









More information about the cabins and the trail.

Pictures of the cabins you can find in the album ”Stugor längs Vindelvaggieleden” on Facebook Vindelfjällens naturreservat. 



All cabins are not displayed on the map over the mountains as tey are new.