Here is a list of cabins in Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve. The first six are situated along the Kungsleden Trail. All are owned by the state. The cabins along the Kungsleden Trail are run by the Swedish Tourist Association (STF).


 Rävfallstugan (Vindelvaggie /Vindelådalen). 18 beds, self-service, sauna, locked cabin – read about how to get the key:  

More about the locked cabins along the Vindelriver. Where you can rent the key.



 Aigertstugan  (STF). 30 beds, self-service, shop, sauna. Tel. 010-2627012. Coordinates: X:731569, Y:151319. Opening times 2013:

• Servestugan  (STF). 26 beds, self-service, shop. Tel. 010-2729643. Coordinates: X:731908, Y:149803. Opening times 2013:

• Tärnasjöstugan  (STF). 26 beds, self-service, shop, sauna. Tel. 010-2737903. Coordinates: X:732092, Y:148603. Opening times 2013: The old cabin are open during lowseasson when the new STF-cabin are closed.

 Syterstugan  (STF). 30 beds, self-service, shop. Tel. 010-2627011. Coordinates: X:731019, Y:148145. Opening times 2013:

 Viterskalstugan  (STF). 14 beds, café, self-service, shop. Tel. 010-2627193. Coordinates: X:730954, Y:147052. Opening times 2013:


Visit the old coniferous forests!


There are timber cabins in Giertsbäcksdalen, Juktådalen and Kirjesålandet. Basic accomodation with beds, stove, table and chairs. Firewood is available. Free overnight accomodation!


  • Märsabäckskojan (Kirjesålandet). Not trail. Coordinat RT90: X 1519749 Y 7270480. Sweref 99: N 7268785 E 556916.
  • Stor-Aisekojan (Kirjesålandet). Not trail. Coordinat RT90: X 1527292 Y 7267385. Sweref 99: N 7265665 E 564513.
  • Björnkojan (Juktådalen). Not trail. Coordinat: RT90 X 7286931 Y 1529670. Sweref 99 N 7285260 E 566639.
  • Vapskojan (Juktådalen). Not trail. Coordinat RT90: X 1526233 Y 7287228. Sweref 99: N 7285514 E 563198.
  • Råvojaurekojan (Giertsbäcksdalen). Not trail. Coordinat RT90: X 1546238 Y 7306430. Sweref 99: N 7304956 E 582948.
  • Giertsbäckskojan (Giertsbäcksdalen). Not trail. Coordinater RT90: X 1548746 Y 7312424. Sweref 99: N 7311010 E 585372.
  • Magasjön (Kirjesålandet), 2 bäddar. Coordinater RT90: X 1523380 Y 7269965. Sweref 99: N 7268199 E 560576.



Vindelvaggie trail 

– cabins along the Vindelriver from Ammarnäs to Norway


 More about the locked cabins along the Vindelriver. Where you can rent the key.


Rävfallstugan (locked cabin, key can be rented). 18 beds, one room open for emergency, self-service, fire stove and gas stove, sauna


Vintnjul east (locked cabin, key can be rented) 6 beds, fire stove only, hallway open for emergency


 Vitnjul west (open cabin), 4 beds, fire stove only


Mankeforsen (locked cabin, key can bee rented) 6 beds, fire stove only, hallway open for emergency


• Dalavardo (locked room, key can be rented) 4 beds + extra matresses in the loft, the loft area is open for emergency


Vindelkroken – cabin with one open room, 4 beds belongs to Grans sameby/association, 100 sek/pers/night


There are other cabins in Vindelfjällen.


These have room for administrative staff and reindeer herders, but may be used for overnight accomodation if room/beds are available.

The cost is 100 SEK/night/pers, to be paid to bg account 5050-8720. Mark the payment slip with ‘övernattning’ and the name of the cabin.

IBAN: SE1200 0000 0128 1010 8390


• Skidbäcksbaracken , (north of Lake Tärnasjö), 6 beds RT90: Y 1488043 X 7331615. Sweref 99: N 7329390 E 524455.
 Aivak , (Juktådalen), 4 beds. RT 90: Y1514273 X 7300617. Sweref 99: N 7298743 E 551077

  Aivak (big house) (Juktådalen). For more information contact the Tourist information in Sorsele; More information about Aijvak

• Glimmerstugan  (Jiriskalet between Umasjö and Lake Tärnasjö), 4 beds. RT90: Y 1476364 X 7324631. Sweref 99: N 7322257 E 512874.

Jerisjaure, 4 beds, emergency telephone, along trail the same trail as Glimmerstugan.  RT90: Y 1473734 X 7322910. Sweref 99: N 7320503 E 510270.

• Forsavan  (south of Tärnasjöstugan), 2 wide beds. RT 90: Y1485750 X 7307400. Sweref 99: N 7305196 E 522536

  • Grundträsk (South of lake Grundträsket between Forsavan and Biellojaur). No trail. RT90: 730367, 1491236, SWEREF: 7301435, 528008
  • Old Tärnasjöscabin, 6 beds, near Tärnasjöcabin. When the large cabin is open during STF-season it COSTs as for the large cabin. Of season 100: sek/night and person. RT90: Y1485950 X 7321040. Sweref 99: N 7318764 E 522495.
  • Vatjomjaure, 4 beds, along the trail between Biellojaur and Överstjuktan.  RT90 X 7297625, Y 1503199. Sweref 99: N 7295601 E 540042


The County Administration’s field staff can answer questions concerning cabins in the nature reserve. 

More about the locked cabins along the Vindelriver. Where you can rent the key.


Photo: Tomas Staafjord


Location of the cabins in Vindelfjällen nature reserv.


The development of outdoor recreation in Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve


1923  The Swedish Tourist Association builds the cabins at Syter and Viterskalet.
1973  Inquiry into Vindel-Laisfjällen wilderness area.
1974 Decision to establish a nature reserve.
1977-78 Tore Abramsson’s inquiry on outdoor recreation, trails and cabins in Vindelfjällen.
1983  Cabins built along the Kungsleden Trail.
1984  Ammarnäs Naturum visitors’ centre.
1988  The reserve is enlarged, incorporating coniferous forest.
1992  Natural history trail in Kirjesålandet.
1993-94 5 timbered cabins built in the old coniferous forests.   

Timbercabin Märsabäckskojan in Kirjesålandet.         Fotograf: Tomas Staafjord


1995 Rävfallstugan built.
1995 Stabburet renovated.
2001 New Viterskalstugan, small cabin and sauna at Aigert, new shelters built along the Kungsleden trail.
2002 Örnbo, near Ammarnäs, renovated.
2003 Bridges at Lake Tärnasjö completed.
2003 The Drottningleden Trail is officially opened.
2004 Homepage for Vindelfjällen opened.
2004 Vindelfjällen Naturum visitors’ centres in Hemavan and Ammarnäs opened.